Leaks Repair Training to LATAM

The LATAM colleagues were carrying out a theoretical-practical training on repairing leaks on lines in service on the 14th and 15th of October.

The training was provided for the Mexico-Peru workers in our Zierbana facilities. These sessions were divided in two parts:

  • The theoretical: taught by Álvaro de la Cruz, head of the Tamoin service for repairing leaks. At this stage the work procedures were reviewed, examples were provided of the various works carried out in our centres in Spain, various designs were mentioned, as well as problems that usually arise, the different sealants available and also the different equipment used, which were among some of the topics talked about.
  • The practical: taught by Ángel Almodóvar, head of Tamoin production. During this session different air leaks were simulated (leaks through flange unions, leaks through Tee and elbow welding joints, leaks through pipes of various diametres, leaks through valve stuffing box). In addition different measurements were taken and designs made (one was manufactured at that moment to explain the process followed here when manufacturing, and which later was installed). Furthermore, the various repairing methods explained in the theoretical session the day before, were put into practice (tamped flanges, installation of clamps, mounting containers, injections to the stuffing box…). To end they were taught to make the mixtures of the various sealants used to eliminate the leaks.

Thanks to this training, our colleagues have received an internal certificate that ensures the acquired qualification to carry out the works to repair leaks in LATAM.