Project Description


  • GA Inc.


  • Pre-feasibility study with the aim to develop the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the EPC contract for a Coal Fired Power Plant of 300 MW
  • Proposed site assessment (soil analysis, geotechnical study, water study and bathymetric study).
  • Proposed Grid Connection Scheme (preliminary)
  • Curve of demand (forecast for the next years and relevant information related).
  • Strategy for implementing the project in phases.
  • Conceptual description of the power plant solution
  • Coal, fuel oil and limestone technical specification with their respective costs
    Estimated Project Timetable
  • Investment cost and electricity production cost
  • Estimated EPC cost


  • 300 MW (2 x 150 MW)


Central eléctrica de Carbón 300 MW - Manticao_6Central eléctrica de Carbón 300 MW - Manticao_5Central eléctrica de Carbón 300 MW - Manticao_4Central eléctrica de Carbón 300 MW - Manticao_3Central eléctrica de Carbón 300 MW - Manticao_2