Official technical qualifications

Tamoin has the necessary technical qualifications to carry out industrial activities such as:

  • Pressure equipment installer

  • Repair of pressure equipment

  • Plumbing Installer

  • EG-A Gas Installer

  • Installer of Liquid Petroleum Products II

  • Repair of Liquid Petroleum Products III

  • Refrigeration Installer (Level 2)

  • Repair-Mantain refrigeration equipment

  • Installer of thermal installations in buildings

  • Maintenance of thermal installations in buildings

  • Authorized Installer in Low voltage

  • Installer Maintainer in High Voltage Transformation Centers

  • Installer maintainer in high voltage up to 30 KV

  • Installer-Maintainer of A.T. Lines greater than 30 KV

  • Fire protection installer

  • Maintenance of fire protection

  • Manipulator of fire protection equipment containing fluorinated gases

  • Manipulator of Fixed Equipment of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump with any load of fluorinated refrigerants