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Hot Tapping Services

The Hot Tap and Line Stop services have become one of our main Services and the most profitable solution for the plant regarding:  Performance, Safety and Environmental conservation

Hot Tapping Services | Ingeniería Aplicada

Advantages and Characteristics

  • It prevents the line from Operation stops or interruptions.

  • It avoids redesigning the piping line sections and it reduces costs in planning.

  • Without emissions or product loss

  • We have the highest qualified and best trained technicians to provide utmost safety in the execution, backed by broad experience and the relevant certification to perform these services.


  • Installation of tie-in / new branches

  • Installation of bypass

  • Installation of pressure gauge and thermowells

  • Construction of new pipelines

  • Installation of viewing holes

  • Installation of quality sampler points

  • Installation / replacement of valves or other equipment

  • Inspection of piping

Types of Hot Tapping Services

Hot Tap - Ingeniería Aplicada
Line Stop - Ingeniería Aplicada
Hi Stop - Ingeniería Aplicada
Freeze Stop - Ingeniería Aplicada
Bag Stop - Ingeniería Aplicada