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Composites Repair Service

Applying Composites in industrial maintenance is an innovative solution to vest equipment with new life, that otherwise would have been discarded due to loss of structural integrity. It enables to save time and costs by using materials of high technological value, optimised for each requirement. The Composites solutions are backed by the ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 regulations.

Reparación por Composites | Ingeniería Aplicada

Advantages and Characteristics

  • It enables to provide structural integrity to lines in operation

  • It enables to significantly lengthen the equipment’s life

  • The energy efficiency is improved in dynamic equipment

  • High efficiency in cost-save ratio by idle times/replacement of equipment

Composites Repair Service


  • Tamoin has been certified as a company specialised in the application of Composites by two different very prestigious international companies, on the one hand Henkel, a leading German company in the sector; and on the other NRI, a U.S. company with well-known trajectory and great capacity to provide innovative solutions.

Henkel and NRI Certifications

Composites Solutions

Preparación Superficial - chorreo con granalla del sustrato
Preparación Superficial - Bristle Blaster
Reconstrucción Superficial
Refuerzo Estructural
Recubrimiento Superficial - interior cuerpo bomba
Recubrimiento Superficial - tubería