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Technological innovation for an effective solution

The Applied Engineering solutions establish a variety of services to verify the integrity of the equipment, saving time and reducing operating and maintenance costs

Applied Engineering Services – ADVANTAGES

  • We keep up the plant in operation

  • 24 x 7 Service

  • Fast and Accurate Response

  • Field Engineering Solutions

  • Highly qualified technicians

  • Specialized machinery available

Applied Engineering Services

LRS – Leaks Repair Service

Reparación de Fugas | Ingeniería Aplicada
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At Tamoin we aim at maximising productive time by sealing leaks while line is in operation, On-Site and under pressure. The plant is kept operational while we solve the existing leak problems.

HTS – Hot Tapping Services

Hot Tapping Services | Ingeniería Aplicada
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The Hot Tapping Services enable to carry out a connection that derives in pipes or storage tanks while the system is still operational and under pressure. TAMOIN offers a safe and profitable solution to enable efficient tie-ins or modifications while the plant is kept under full operational conditions, preventing down-time.

OMS – On site Machining

Mecanizados in situ | Ingeniería Aplicada
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The portable machines are taken to the worksite at your Plant and the process is completed on-site. These 2 reasons prevent costly transfers in time and money. In addition, it avoids having to dismantle the accessories such as flanges.

CRS – Composites Repair Service

Composites | Ingeniería Aplicada
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The Composites are the future of industrial maintenance. These innovative solutions provide new life to equipment already considered discarded with structural loss.

VRS – Valves Repair Service

Revisión de Válvulas | Ingeniería Aplicada
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Tamoin offers an overall repair of valves on line, in plant and in workshop, which exceeds the industry standards to provide trustworthy quality and safety.

TWS – Turbine Warming System

Turbine Warming System | Ingeniería Aplicada
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The Turbine Warming System is an engineering system designed to keep the temperatures of the components at appropriate levels to optimise the processes and their structural protection. They are ideal for turbines, steam chambers, valves and other components subject to thermal cycle operations.